Horizon Robotics has the world's leading capability of algorithms development on deep learning and decision-making and reasoning. It integrates algorithms on high-performance, low-power and low-cost embedded Artificial Intelligence processors and platforms of both hardware and software. Horizon Robotics currently offers solutions based on processors including ARM / FPGA and independently designs and develops Brain Processing Unit (BPU), an innovative embedded Artificial Intelligence processor architecture (IP) designed to provide complete and open AI solutions on devices.

The company's core business is autonomous driving and smart life applications, and has successfully launched the "Hugo" platform for autonomous driving and the "Anderson platform" for smart life. Having established for just over one year, Horizon Robotics has been deeply collaborating with top international and domestic automotive Tier1s, OEMs and home appliances manufacturers and has successfully launched mass production products. Horizon Robotics is also actively building an open embedded Artificial Intelligence ecosystem by working closely with various partners along the value chain.

At the CES show in 2017, the Horizon Robotics united Intel to showcase the horizon of the new ADAS system, which is based on single camera on January 6th, 2017. Under the new system, the real-time detection and identification of pedestrians, vehicles, lanes and travel areas can be achieved in both highway and urban transportation scenarios. Horizon Robotics and Midea jointly launched Intelligent Air conditioner,which has three new functions including gesture control, Intelligent air supply and security monitoring.