Introduction of Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics is the leader of embedded Artificial Intelligence. The company is dedicated to providing integrated and openly embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions of high performance, low power and low cost. The company envisions world’s more than 1,000 devices, such as autonomous vehicles, to be equipped with "brains", becoming intelligent entities that have the ability from perception, understanding to decision-making for safety, convenience and fun.

The company's core business is autonomous driving and smart life applications, and has successfully launched the "Hugo" platform for autonomous driving and the "Anderson platform" for smart life. Having established for just over one year, Horizon Robotics has been deeply collaborating with top international and domestic automotive Tier1s, OEMs and home appliances manufacturers and has successfully launched mass production products. Horizon Robotics is also actively building an open embedded Artificial Intelligence ecosystem by working closely with various partners along the value chain.

With engineering and business teams in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Horizon Robotics has attracted hundreds of top talents with it mission. Most of them graduated from prestigious universities and have extensive industrial experience and rich international background. The company's core members have achieved first rank in various global Artificial Intelligence benchmarks for more than 20 times, and have also developed products and services that enable hundreds of millions of users in search advertisement, voice search, image search, face recognition, chip design, smart phones, parallel computing and other fields.


OPEN AI LAB was officially established——A great acceleration for Intelligent Interconnection of all things

On 2017 CES Horizon Robotics united Intel to showcase the new ADAS system based on Horizon Robotics BPU

Horizon Robotics launched ADAS original system,and had its debut in ZHICHEAUTO Presentation